Three things that are important to check off your list before having an abortion are:

  • Taking a quality pregnancy test
  • Receiving an ultrasound
  • Speaking with a professional

By completing these items, you will be armed with essential information on your options and will have taken measures that help protect your health and safety.

Why Take Another Pregnancy Test?

If you’ve already taken a home pregnancy test, you may question why there is a need to test again. According to the Mayo Clinic, although home pregnancy tests are usually accurate, there can be room for error. Pregnancy tests can give faulty results because of the following:

  • Medications taken
  • Medical conditions
  • Early pregnancy loss

Receiving a highly accurate test in a facility that understands your medical history can help provide you with results you can trust.

Why Receive An Ultrasound?

An ultrasound image can help you gain insight into what your options are. This imaging will tell you:

  • How far along you are. The FDA recommends against certain abortion procedures after a specific number of gestational weeks.
  • The location of the pregnancy. If a pregnancy is considered ectopic (or outside the uterus), it can be dangerous for the woman’s health. Obtaining the proper medical intervention will be essential to avoid complications.
  • The viability of the pregnancy. Sometimes (usually not due to the woman’s actions), a pregnancy will miscarry. In this case, medical professionals can monitor the pregnancy loss to be sure no complications arise during the process.

Where Can I Go To Speak To A Professional?

Women need to speak with a professional who can help provide all their options and explain risks and complications.

Your local pregnancy center is an excellent source of help and information. If you’re local to the Snow Hill area, we welcome you to make a free, confidential appointment with us today. We’re here to answer all your questions. We also provide free pregnancy testing and limited ultrasound.

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